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MP Singh Photography is a Bay Area Indian wedding photography studio that breaks from the traditional, heavily posed style of Indian wedding photography. Instead, we focus on documenting the real, raw, authentic, and emotional moments—from the quiet getting ready moments before your ceremony to letting it loose fun moments on the dance floor 


For over a decade, we’ve photographed over 450 Indian weddings in the Bay Area and around the world, including Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, and Indo-Western fusion ceremonies. We know how to capture every element of a South Asian wedding, including pithi ceremonies, mehndi, sangeet, baarat, nikah, and anything else you’re planning.

Our photographs celebrate the candid, spontaneous moments with family, friends, and each other that you’ll want to remember for years, alongside stylized portraits with an editorial flair. 

Meet the TEAM



MP Singh

photographer + office manager

lead photographer

founder, creative director + lead photographer




In addition to shooting client events, Priya also helps with the backend office operations; client communications, follow-ups, post-processing, and album design. Her work ensures that we provide our clients an excellent and delightful experience.

Melvin is a lead shooter at the studio and is also in charge of lighting and logistics for the big events. We call him "The elusive guy", sometimes it’s hard to get hold of him during the week, but once at a shoot, there is no stopping him. His effort helps to create creative portraits for our clients with studio-quality lighting on location. And given the craziness of the wedding day, he makes sure we move smoothly between different parts of the day and events. 

Hi, my name is MP Singh, Founder, Creative Director, and lead photographer at MP Singh Photography. I live in the Bay area with my beautiful wife Priya, who helps me in post-production and logistics. I love Bollywood and Hollywood movies, spicy food, hiking, and travel. After working with some of the top Fortune 100 companies, I bid adieu to my corporate job to delve full-time into wedding photography. It's been a fun ride since. We are proud and humbled at the same time for the trust our clients put in us, they let us in their personal lives, allowing us to capture their intimate moments and create great memories for them. In this process of creating & capturing, we have made lifelong friends. Because it is not just an event that we need to cover for them, but a moment that the client needs to preserve for life.

Answer in one line, You don’t want “Jack of all trades & master of none.”

We pride ourselves on the images & memories we create for our clients. We have spent years mastering the tools and skillsets that are required to produce the work of art we are loved and recognized for. And the reason we are able to deliver that level of quality every time is that we focus on one craft only.

Technically & artistically, Photography & Cinematography are different skill sets. All the world’s top studios specialize in one art form only - either Photography or Cinematography. 

Unlike studios that do a huge volume of weddings every year, we limit the number of weddings we accept so we can treat each wedding with the same level of attention and detail as our clients have come to expect of us. We have a permanent, in-studio team with whom we work every time ensuring that things run smoothly on your big day and produce results that are consistent with our style. Of course, there are assembly line businesses churning out volume work and doing everything under the sun; photography, videography, live streaming, photo booths, and so on. They do so by hiring extra hands on ad-hoc basis. 

We believe in being the Master of our trade rather than being a Jack of all trades.

We understand that weddings are an expensive affair and photography is definitely an investment. But it is the one that will help preserve the memories of one of the most important days of your life forever. Invest in specialist studios and hire your Photography & Cinematography pros separately. And when the level of investment is the same, why not hire specialists & get the best of both worlds?

However, we also know that planning your wedding and finding all the vendors can be overwhelming. Your wedding planner is an excellent source for all the references. We too will be happy to help you shortlist and select a Cinematography studio. The one who shares the same professional philosophy as us; focus on one craft only and deliver unmatched quality for the same.

We will be happy to discuss this further on our consulting call. 

Multi-day weddings are very common. Most Indian/South Asian weddings are multi-day. It is very easy to calculate fees for your events. Here are the steps -

  1. Select a primary package (out of 4) for a single-day wedding & reception event. If wedding and reception are on different days, select one package for each.
  2. Add Additional Hours on the wedding day (if required) and pre-wedding events @ 550/hr
  3. Minimum 3 hours required for any pre-wedding event
  4. Select more a la carte products & services as desired.


Hours & Add-Ons Required
Day 1 – Sangeet 3 Hours
Day 2 – Mehndi 3 hours
Day 3 – Wedding & Reception on the same day, 10 Hours Required 
Breakdown of Fees
Day 1 – Sangeet 3 Hours @550/hr =$1650
Day 2 – Mehndi 3 hours @550/hr = $1650
Day 3 – Wedding & Reception on the same day, 10 Hours package = $7200

TOTAL FEE = $10,500



Hours & Add-Ons Required
Day 1 – Sangeet 3 Hours
Day 2 – Mehndi 3 hours
Day 3 – Wedding Ceremony 7 Hours 
Day 4 – Wedding Reception 6 Hours

Wedding Album
Breakdown of Fees
Day 1 – Sangeet 3 Hours @450/hr =$1650
Day 2 – Mehndi 3 hours @450/hr = $1650
Day 3 – Wedding Ceremony, 6 Hours package + 1 additional hour = $6200 + $550 =$6750
Day 4 – Reception 6 Hours = $6200
 Wedding Album = $2300

TOTAL FEE = $18,550
Our overall approach to edits is to enhance the image and reality, not to alter the reality. We love to maintain the authenticity and realism while trying to give the best possible look to an image. If you are self-conscious about something, please let us know in advance and we will be mindful of your concern when photographing you.

All the images in your gallery are edited for color correction, exposure adjustment, toning & selective black & white conversions. This is our standard edit.

We go an extra mile and edit your highlight images with our signature style. This includes extra time spent on creative edits and skin retouching. Usually , these edits are only done for high end fashion/portraits with an extra fee charged per image. However, we include this at no additional cost to you. 

Please note that due to the nature of signature edits, these images may look different from standard edits. But rest assured that we edit everything and go an extra mile on signature edits.

The highlight images are selected by us at our discretion based on our years of experience. If you would like any additional images to be retouched we can do it for a fee. Please email our studio.
We are glad you asked.

There are two reasons;

When a client books a Full Wedding and/or Reception package, we give them a discounted rate for the pre-wedding events, which are charged on an hourly basis. This hourly fee is only for the clients who are booking a full wedding/reception day package with us. 

Pre-wedding events are usually smaller at-home events, covered with one photographer. Wedding and Reception are much bigger events that require at least two photographers, and a lot more planning, equipment, setup, and effort.


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