Seeta & Manu Wedding at Nella Terra

Indian Wedding at Nella Terra Cellars Sunol

An expressive and fun couple makes our job much easier, the peak moments are bound to happen which constitute gold for a photographer. As beautiful as the wedding details (such as decor) are, the real magic happens in the genuine moments during the wedding day.  This wedding was bag full of those goodies, like christmas came early for us. Whether it was the portrait session or moments on dance floor, Seeta & Manu kept delighting us with awesome moments to capture. 

There is an equally interesting story about how they met. They both moved to San Francisco from Chicago. A friend of Seeta knew both and invited them to a happy hour along with other friends. But she had to go back due to some urgency and cancelled the happy hour. Seeta proposed another activity for the group to meet and Manu replied via email to help. Then they both went together to a friend's birthday to Napa. After that, one fine day, when Manu was jogging in the city, suddenly Seeta jumped in front of him telling him, "hey I know you". I may be missing some details but this is how this love story shaped up. 

It was awesome to capture the next phase of this love story; Seeta and Manu tying the knot at the scenic Nella Terra Cellars. Sharing some beautiful moments from this wedding here.

Congrats Seeta & Manu !