Lilly& Harsh - A Colorful Mehndi Ceremony

Beautiful Bridal Mehndi

Mehndi is about the color and patterns. So is this gallery.

My cousin Lilly's wedding with Harsh was a week long celebration. They make an incredible couple and the chemistry between the two reflects in the images. I also shot their Engagement session two weeks before the wedding, you can see it here. This being a family get together after a long time, I wanted to enjoy the wedding. So we just shot the E session and Mehndi night. 

The floral backdrop was Lilly's idea. I can say that creativity just flows abundantly in our family. With the help of some friends the family spent almost a week making those flowers and mounting those on a board. Infact the whole decor at home was DIY project.The beautiful outfits, the mehndi and other nice details are further adding to those colors. The challenge for us was how to tone down those beautifully saturated colors to capture the same in aesthetically pleasing way. As powerful as the camera sensors are these days, they do go awry faced with so many colors in the decor and ambient lighting. 

It was amazing so see my friend Mujahid Hussain in action again and capture his beautiful intricate henna (Mehndi) designs. Lilly grew up in Bay Area and Harsh lives in New York.  So you will see both; Golden Gate Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge in the henna design. Can you spot those ?

Enjoy the images !