Amita & Danny - A Beautiful Couple Shoot Amidst Chaos

San Francisco Indian engagement shoot

Bomb scare in the city, traffic jams, highways cordoned off, a RV up in flames on freeway 101 with traffic closed on both sides of it. It may sound like a horror story but it all happened on the day we planned this couple session.

It started out as a beautiful day. We were listening to the news about all this chaos in the city while driving to San Francisco. The traffic was crazy too. We explored the options of going to Half Moon Bay instead or even cancelling the shoot that day. But then we decided to take the chance and drove to the city anyway. And the bet paid off. Fortunately the spots we were shooting at were relatively quieter and we navigated smoothly for most part.

Amita & Danny are family. They had their beautiful wedding sometime back in Lodi and San Francisco. As it happens at many weddings, they could not get enough couple pictures due to time constraints. So we went to the city to capture kind of "the day after" couple shoot for them. 

Amita and Danny looked absolutely stunning. Sharing some images from the shoot here.