Manu + Sukh

Family Shoot


A family shoot is also a great team building exercise.  Its a great opportunity to get away from the daily hustle of life and spend some fun playful time with the family. Usually the family is camera conscious at the beginning of the shoot. But as it evolves the family forgets that there is a camera. And that is when the magic happens.

We shot Manu and Sukh's family session at the scenic Hellyer Park in South San Jose.  It was fun shoot. As the shoot progressed we were served so many interesting objects & moments which became part of the shoot; birds running in front of us, their daughter getting distracted by a ice cream vendor and then poking her dad in the eye, gorgeous sun light, beautiful sunset at the lake etc. In my opinion Photography is also an art of seeing. Mother nature offers so many gifts to the discerning eye. And the best part, their daughter kept smiling and playing for camera for the entire shoot, a rare thing to happen in a family shoot with very young kids.

Sharing some moments from this beautiful family shoot here.

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