Gurpreet + Sunny


We feel blessed that clients invite us to document the most important day of their life. And in the process we have made friends for lifetime. 

Sunny & Gurpreet were already an acquaintance. So when Sunny asked  me to shoot his wedding at the new 49yers Levi's stadium, I got super excited and could hardly wait for the day .Gurpreet and Sunny met while working on a project together at a company. They make an awesome couple, deeply in love, and they know how to dominate the camera.Wedding photography is all about thinking out of the box, thinking on your feet and coming  out with ideas based on the situation on hand. The best part is when the couple also reciprocates with an equal excitement to our suggestion for a particular idea and pose. Given the logistics of the wedding day, it can be very stressful for the couple. But Gurpreet & Sunny both patiently worked with us as we figured out the best possible spots,lighting and other details for the shots. They also booked a two hours tour of Levi's stadium before their reception, just for the photo shoot. Any shutterbug's dream come true.

We also shot their Engagement session which can be seen HERE . The wedding was four day affair. We started with Gupreet's Mayiaan at her house. This was followed by Sangeet Ceremony at ICC Milpitas. Then the beautiful wedding ceremony at San Jose Gurdwara. The next day was the Reception at  Levi's stadium. For the photo shoot at Levi's stadium we had full access to every place inside the stadium including the locker room.The staff at the stadium led by Cicely Nash did a stellar job organising this wedding. The service they provided even to the vendors was exemplary. We did'nt have to lug our heavy equipment from the parking lot to the reception hall. The moment we parked,someone came over with a motor cart, loaded our gear which was dropped right inside the reception hall. INCREDIBLE !!! Some of the other vendors that made this wedding awesome: Decor by Satvir Bhogal (SB Arts), Videography by Wedding Documentary, Bridal Mehandi Neeta Desai Sharma From Mehandi Designer,  Catering by Amber India, DJ, Live Dholi and Trumpet for Wedding and Reception Toofan Sounds Entertainment, DJ at Sangeet - DJ Tanveer. 

We loved shooting this wedding and making friends with both the families. From just being an acquaintance we became good friends. Thanks Gurpreet & Sunny, for your passion and patience for the camera. We love you !!!

Enjoy the images.

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