The Divine Light !

A morning at the Golden Temple Amritsar

The Harmandir Sahib also referred to as the "Golden Temple" is a prominent Sikh Gurdwara (Temple) located in the city of Amritsar, Punjab, India. The top part of the temple building has gold coating all over and hence the name. There are four doors to get into the temple which symbolize the openness towards all people and religions . 

Golden Temple along with Taj Mehal are among the most "googled" Indian sites by people visiting India.  

During our recent trip to India we visited the temple to offer our prayers. Over 100,000 people visit the holy shrine daily for worship. So it can take one a long time during the day to enter temple. To beat the peak time rush, we decided to go there early in the morning. It was still dark. The morning quiet , coupled with some chill and haze, melodious hymns being sung in the background and sweet chirping of birds created a very serene ambiance.  Its an experience beyond description. 

After paying obeisance at the temple we went to the open area atop the temple building. And what a timing. Sun started coming out from East . The kiss of rays from rising sun made the golden domes of temple shine in all their brilliance . Photography is prohibited inside the main temple structure. So I was just carrying my small point and shoot camera locked inside my jacket. I was delighted that I could shoot this breathtaking scene on the roof. 

Sharing some images from this wonderful experience here, shot with small Fuji camera. 

Entrance to the Golden Temple
view from top
View from the top
The main dome glowing with the rays of rising sun
A wide angle view of the Temple Campus