Preparing for your FAMILY/NEWBORN SHOOT

Thanks! for trusting us to capture the special moments in your life !

Our goal is to create the best possible memories for you,  and as we prepare to do so for your family shoot, here are some points which help to make the experience even better.

  • Family can coordinate their outfits. Please try to avoid strong check and stripe shirts if possible. Soft colors look better.
  • Full sleeves tops and shirts look better than short sleeves.
  • For ladies, please try to get the makeup and hair done by a professional artist. We can not emphasize this enough.
  • Please feel free to bring in the props.  Any toys (if there are kids), musical instrument , pet, picnic blanket etc. all add fun to the shoot, and capture details specific to you.
  • Let the kids play and be themselves during the shoot, it adds more energy to the shoot. In our experience forcing kids to pose or smile never works. Once they are having fun, they tend to be more cooperative with the poses as well. 
  • In case you have specific locations in mind, please let us know in advance.
  • If you are planning a change of outfits during the shoot, please discuss in advance. 
  • Depending on the total time of shoot and the number of locations we want to cover we can see if we need additional time. 
  • It helps if the family ignores camera and interacts like they do when no one is watching.  It can be done with a little practice and helps in taking natural & candid shots. We would of course get some posed shots too.
  • For shoots with small babies, we have to adapt the schedule according to baby's schedule. They may need feed, diaper change or just some more time to give us a cute smile. Please do factor in the total time required when planning the shoot.

 As shared above, a portrait (or  for that matter any other image) is made on the both sides of the camera, we can certainly use a lot of help from YOU !

  Looking forward to your family shoot !

If the shoot includes a NewBorn Session, please consider these additional points 

  • Have any props; hats, bows, headbands etc. you may want in the shots ready
  • Make sure the room is at optimum temperature, warm and cozy enough for the newly born. We may need to take off the socks, gloves and other clothes to shoot baby details.
  • Preferably have a room with lots of  natural light coming in from windows, not the direct sunlight but indirect light. Have the room clean and clutter free.
  • Wear lightweight breathable clothing since it will be warm in the room.We can shoot the images with parents first and then the baby details. 
  • Your hands may be shown in some photos. Please have well groomed hands, nails trimmed and clean.
  • Turn off phones or any other distractions during the shoot.
  • Try to have another person on the shoot during the shoot to help. Sessions can often get long and tiring for all involved. 
  • Have water on hand, newborn sessions make you thirsty. 
  • Feed baby approximately half hour before the session time. It is important that baby is well fed and burped to be happy for the shoot.

Most Importantly, Keep Smiling & Have Fun ! We try to do the same.