YOUR WEDDING Story - Captured in Motion


Here is our number one recommendation to the bride and groom looking for a Photographer & a Videographer.

Please do not hire the same studio for both, photography & CINEMATOGRAPHY.

Technically & artistically these are very different skill sets. When you hire the same studio for both, there is a very obvious compromise in the quality of both. Though as a client, you are paying the same price as if hiring two separate professionals each specialising in one. It is like going to Walmart to buy everything under one roof. When you would never do that for your wedding shopping, it makes no sense to go that route for the services that are going to create lifelong memories for you.

For the same reason, we specialize and only do Photography.

However, as a service to our clients & to save them research time, we have partnered with like minded Cinematography studio. Following are the packages offered by them.

- Can be customized based on your wedding day consultation with us

- Include continuous hours of shoot without break, if there is a break during the day we can do it for
a flat fee based on our discussion

- Include post processing time which includes color grading, toning, sharpening etc.

- May include additional fees based on the driving distance and time

- Include fun filled shoot on your wedding day & awesome memories to create an epic cinematic movie

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Photography is the art of frozen time... the ability to store emotion and feelings within a frame
— Meshack Otieno