We are delighted that you decided to get your memories printed in the shape of a fine art wedding book (aka album) . According to a research, on an average, families see the wedding gallery once a month if the images are available on the coffee table in the shape of a wedding book. When you have friends and family over, no one goes to a computer folder to see those images.

An album is the best way to present and share your wedding day story.

We call it  Printing Your Legacy !

fine arT wedding books

The wedding books that we deliver to our clients are hand crafted by some of the finest artisan labs in the industry. The quality of pages and printing is unmatched.A contemporary coffee table album designed for showcasing full panoramic prints. Unique and unrivaled in presentation, our books use seamless page craftsmanship to generate its distinctive style. Following sections have some options to further customize and personalize your wedding book. Please see what you like and share the same with us.

General Features -
•    Seamless full page spreads to showcase entire images across the page. Ideal for unobstructed presentations.
•    Starts and finishes with a spread
•    Square page corners / White page core
•    Warp-free multi-layer page construction
•    Customizable Cover. Every Book is fully customizable for your unique taste – different color choices for luxurious leathers

Standard Sizes - 11x14, 12x12, 

Our Preferred Size 12x12

We strongly recommend  limiting the number of images in the book to 100, which is also the maximum number of images our standard 40 page album can accomodate. This helps to to have a elegant clean design for the book. Additional images would required additional pages at the fee mentioned below. 
If you have additional images of friends and family, we can recommend additional books for your coffee table which are more economical and help to keep your Primary Fine Art Book clean. 


•    Professionally designed beautiful luxury wedding books, Every book is designed from scratch without using templates. The book design tells the unique story of your wedding day. 
•    Professionally crafted using services of printing labs in US, Italy and Japan
•    Standard album includes 40 pages (20 spreads), flush mount album. It fits 100 images max. Additional images/pages @ $25 per image
•    Choice of leather (standard album) or Photo cover (optional)

•   The design process includes 2 reviews with clients. 
•   Album Cost $2000, Additional Copies for Parents/Family $1200


Cover Options

Below are some of the color options available for leather album covers, part of standard album. Please note that the actual cover color may vary slightly due to difference in the on screen rendering and actual texture of the material. 

 We can also do an optional metallic photo cover. 

Leather Covers.png


IMprinting on LEATHER cover(Included in the standard album)

We recommend (and include in the standard album) imprinting just the names without date. 





The Acrylic Cover is an eye-catching cover options.  It consists of a metallic print that’s mounted onto a piece of clear acrylic. We use standard leather material for the spine + back portion of the cover. It is an addition to your standard album for $200




The Process of getting the album designed- General Terms & Conditions(album contract)

Please Note - Once we get the request from you to start the album design, that means you agree to the following terms and conditions for album design and printing.


terms and conditions

1. Fees - Photographer will provide album design, printing & binding services (full and final physical album) as described above for the selected album. If the album was not part of the initial wedding package, the client agrees to pay Photographer a advance deposit of 50% the amount upon execution of this Agreement. Client agrees to pay the remaining balance no later than the date prior to sending the album for printing

2. Clients have 60 days from electronic receipt of their images to choose their favorites for the album (after that, photographer reserves the right to select the album images).

3. Turnaround time for album design is usually around 30 days (if it’s the middle of the busy shooting season, photographer may not be able to get to the album, design right away).

4. The album proofs will be provided via online gallery only. Clients have two free rounds of revisions in which they can switch out any images or request design changes; not affecting more than 25% of the album. Any additional rounds are billed at $125 per round , additional rounds not affecting more than 25% of the album. The standard 40 page album accommodates 100 images. Any additional pages in the album are billed at $25 per image.

5. Clients have 14 days from electronic receipt of the album design in which to request any changes. 

Please note that printing and production of album at a lab is outside the control of the photographer, and client will not hold the photographer responsible for any delay or late delivery because of any reason beyond the control of the photographer.

6. Guest photographs/photographers from a different studio are not permitted in the wedding album.

7. All albums must be collected from the studio within 30 days of completion and confirmation by Photographer.Client will pay for the shipping if required.

8. Cancellation - In the event that the Client cancels this Agreement for any reason before the album is printed, Client agrees to forego return of the reservation deposit made as part of wedding pacage or just for album.

9. The standard album is a 12x12 album, with leather cover & embossed names, with 40 pages. Everything else is an add-on for an additional charge. 

11. The client agrees to the following guidelines which will be used to design the album -


album design guidelines

1. An effort will be made to design the album with a theme, with images in the chronological order.

2. An elegant design calls for about 2-5 images per spread on average. There will be some single image spreads. On an average a 40 page album accommodates about 100.

3. A single spread usually has images with the same theme. eg, only black and white images, getting ready images, and so on.

4. Some spreads call for lots of negative (blank) space to maintain the design aesthetics.

5.Photographer would use additional images along with the images shortlisted by the client. This is sometimes done to complete the theme and design of an album spread and the full album.Client can remove/switch those images during the review sessions.



1. You agree to the terms and conditions contained on this page, with 50% deposit (if the album was not part of the original package).

2. We will then share the process to mark 100 favorites images from the online gallery for the album ( you do not need to write down or copy the image number)

3. We will design the album and put the first draft online for review

4. You will do the first review (limited to 25% change)

5. We will update the album based on your inputs

6. You will do the second review (limited to 25% change)

7. We will update the album based on your inputs

8. You will approve the final design

9. Album goes for printing

10. You will get a gorgeous wedding album in about 1-2 months.


Our packages, including fee for albums -



Please send us an email with the following information - You can copy and paste the text below and edit as required -


1. Album Size 12x12 (preferred)  or 11x14

2. Album Cover Leather - Color of leather, Names for Imprinting 

3. Album Photo Cover (optional, in place of #2, additional fee $200) - Choice of Image and leather cover for spine and back of cover. 


Photography is the art of frozen time... the ability to store emotion and feelings within a frame
— Meshack Otieno