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Imagine this,

One fine evening you decide to call upon a few dear friends over coffee, as you all relish the froth of your coffee and listen to soft music, you decide to go down memory lane. You open up your loft and take out a boutique luxury album, wherein lie the memories so well captured & preserved. The velvet cover, the sight of the beautiful platinum bands and the star studded diamonds, the sight of the charming bride/ groom, sends a pleasant vibe down your spine, that feeling of once being decked up as a young lady/ or a handsome young prince, the sight of an adorable family and lovable friends, the brightly dressed bride maids, the freshness of flowers, the mesmerizing lights and the tinkling music and dream like atmosphere all bring back those cherished memories adding ahappiness to your face. You smile looking at the candid moments captured, you laugh at the silly moments so well registered, all was great fun. As you move from one page to the next, the yes capture and replay the events years after the actual moments. Tears of happiness, cries of the fooleries of  youth, friends with all their love and tantrums, finery and the dances, the flowers and music all come out live through the album. The whole experience without doubt is PRICELESS.

The above description pretty much sums up our philosophy and what we do. The simple rule is this; if the images from your wedding day make you smile, laugh or cry, we have done our job well. Everything is important on your wedding day. But after your wedding day the most important thing that helps you relive and relish those moments forever are the memories captured in the shape of great images. 

Hi, my name is MP Singh, the lead photographer and creative director at MP Singh Photography.  I live in Bay area with my beautiful wife Priya, who helps me in post production and logistics. In addition to my passion for Photography I love Bollywood and Hollywood movies, spicy food, hiking and travel. After working with some of the top Fortune 100 companies, I bid adieu to my corporate job to delve full time into wedding photography. It has been a fun ride since. We are proud and humbled at the same time because our clients have put their faith in us, have let us in their personal lives,  have allowedus to capture their intimate moments and create great memories for them. In this process of creating and capturing, we have made life long friends.  

Delighting our clients is our motto, because it is not just an event that we need to cover for them, but a moment that the client needs to preserve for life. Therefore, for weddings and big events, our studio has a team of professional photographers, everyone striving for the same goal. We love to invite clients to our studio office for an in-person consultation. Wedding Photography is an investment, and we strongly recommend meeting the photographer in person before you make that investment. During our interaction we make sure to share some wedding ideas, albums, books, slideshows, etc which will help you to see the difference in quality and make an informed decision. Even if you don't sign up with us, we can provide you some useful information about other vendors and wedding planning. And we love to make new friends.

Thanks for taking time to read through this. Please join us on this creative journey to discuss how we can make your special day memorable.

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